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This Website is growing into a huge collection of wildlife, landscape, nature, modern art and Photography and Original Bespoke soft furnishings and other products designed By Chris Beever or the Eager Beever as we call him and we are now adding a huge selection of Bespoke Photo products that are all handmade in the united kingdom and overseas using only the best companies to provide the best quality products possible our products are not the cheapest on the market but you can be assured that they are all made to last using the highest quality materials, our list of products is growing and includes small to xx large canvas prints, small to xx large floor and sofa cushions, sofa throws and Blankets, t- shirts, wall paper and murals, framed prints, one off clothing including t-shirts, dresses, and fashion accessories, banners, business advertising products and a host of other great products, if you have any ideas then get in touch and let us design your product using our huge image base also don't forget to check out our new face book page by clicking the link https://www.facebook.com/EagerBeeverPhoto where you can comment and ask questions on the products and services we provide. 

About Freelance Photographer, Artist and Naturalist Christopher Beever Chris Was born in Wigan Lancashire in 1970, and from a young age he had a fascination in all wildlife and the great outdoors often to the dismay of his mother who was frequently confronted with a handful of frogs or a bucket full of pond life taken for further inspection by the young naturalist, often was the case that Chris`s bedroom was a haven for countless critters that he used to sneak in for his private junior photography sessions when mum was at work, only to reappear again wandering around Chris’s home during the night, when the critters decided to make a bid for freedom, many a school morning was spent by Chris clearing his home from a house full of escapes and to this day he states that he never did find his pet toad.

After leaving School Chris joined the Armed forces as a soldier where he fine Tuned his skills not only as a keen sportsman often playing rugby and taking part in the art of Boxing but also as a Keen photographer, he later joined the Territorial Army where again his skills as a photographer where often used and of course there was always a friend getting married or a little un being born into the family and Chris was only to glad to take up the challenge with his camera, with the move from costly film to the none expensive Digital Photography his interest in photography and the great outdoors grew, Chris moved onto capturing Images of all the areas of photography and started writing about his experiences with wildlife and the great outdoors some of which can be seen by clicking the link that will take you to his blog page where you will see some of his work that he completed for the BBC..http://chrisbeever.blogspot.co.uk/ there will also be a book released later on in the year.

Chris also began to use the latest Photo Editing and media technology and all types of painting from watercolour to acrylics to create digital pattern art and paintings from photos from his huge collection of photography all of which can be seen in the huge selection of Images in the gallery, Chris is well on his way to making an appearance on the art scene with his work and is currently working on new projects to add to his growing collection of Photography and Art, our job as the Eager Beever Photo team is to upload Chris beevers new work along with the countless images that Chris has created over the last 22 years.

We have also started to complete wildlife, landscape and nature photography workshops and tours across the UK and they are becoming very popular with amateur and professional photographers due to the high number of locations we visit, all of the workshops involve activities arranged through companies to give our photography work shop and tour attendees a unique experience.   

With over 22 years of experience in the photography sector we provide not only a professional service but we are trustworthy, discreet, reliable and friendly, Chris has completed commissions for the BBC, RSPB, Wildlife Trusts across the UK and some High profile Media Agencies in the uk.

We welcome retail customers and we give discounts for bulk orders on all of our products. 

We hope you enjoy looking at our new website and hope that you find something that you like.

All the Best

Chris and The Eager Beever Photo Team.