Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Work We Complete

Here at Eager Beever Photography we pride ourselves on privacy in all aspects, when completing any commission at eager beever photography we always handover all of the finished edited images with full copyright, when you are happy with your images and you have stated that you have received them, we delete them from our system, we will not sell, re-distribute or use your images in any way shape or form and no information will be passed on as to the nature of the work we have completed for you, if you wish to share our information or a review on our commissions then please feel free to share our contact information and website links.  

Your Information

We Will not , and do not share any information with outside parties, the information that you use to browse, buy our products or create an account stays in our secure system, we do not agree with sharing personnal information and our payment servers go through secure servers at pay-pal giving you not only proof of purchase but the peace of mind that your payment is secure, we will not contact you with special offers as these can be seen directly on the website and we will not contact you by email or phone in an attempt to gain more sales, we work mostly by word of mouth and hope that you will share our details to your friends and family.

All the Best

Chris & The Eager Beever Photo Team