Terms & Conditions

The Eager Beever Photography Terms & Conditions

Purchasing any product from Eager Beever Photography does not give the buyer / Customer the rights to the image, the image should not be re-printed, copied, sold as other work other than that of the copyright holder Christopher beever of eager beever photography, the image should also not be changed in any way to break our copyright for example changing the image 5 times does not give the editor the right to re-sell or publish as there own work.

any copying or copy and pasting from the website will be detected when Browsing, all of the thumbnails, description templates and images are of low resolution to protect our copyright any attempt to copy, paste or infringe our copyright will be detected and reported.  

Retail custom is welcome as long as our terms and conditions are Agreed to, our printing is completed mostly on site and with trusted companies, when online accounts are opened for customers we keep limited records for stock taking and invoice/tax purposes only creating an account means that you agree to these terms and conditions.